Christian Family Services 2022 Fundraiser Event

Welcome                                      Dr. Artrell Harris

Master of Ceremonies                Lisa McIntire


Prayer                                           David Keller



“Adoption Love Story”              Sheri & Bethany Fields

(Introduced by Susan Timmons, Child Placement Director)


Westport Counseling                 Dr. Tony Dishman

“Children Need Our Help”               


Giving Plea

You can give at our secure web page or You can email our office at You may also send or bring a gift to our offices at 10100 W. 87th St. Suite 111, Overland Park, KS 66212

Featured Speaker                          Abby Eden


Giving Appeal                                Artrell Harris


Accolades                                       Artrell Harris


Closing Prayer                                Carl Stem

Thanks in advance for your prayers and generous donations. We also have Missouri tax credits that may be of benefit to you or your organization. If you have questions you may reach us by email at or by phone at 913.383.3337.

Family at Airport Gate
Happy family
Kids _ Bubbles
Parent and Child
Fundraiser strip.png